The Lupa are the sentient species of the planet Xcheamo, and the people about whom I write most of the time. They are by nature a people with two forms, a human-like form and a demonic-looking four-legged mammal form, referred to as skin and fur, respectively. Their culture developed quite differently than many others due to the extreme and harsh environment of their planet; survival as a species would have been impossible without having two natural forms.

The Lupa are a people that are personally aggressive, yet socially peace-driven. The ultimate goal is always peace, which has been reinforced by events in their past. Having a fight with a friend or someone you disagree with is normal, while one would never have a physical fight over territory or trade agreements. Such disputes are handled openly before the community at large. Dominance often plays a large role in Lupa society and societal structure.

Lupa are very concerned with nature and not messing it up. They live very much in their environment. Beauty is considered to be tied directly to what is natural, and they take care to preserve it. Destroying land when it’s not absolutely necessary is an appalling idea to them, and even so they would do it reluctantly.

Most Lupa have problems with heights, and being near larger fires (more than one would use for cooking) and large bodies of water. They typically don’t like flying or going to sea; they’d much rather keep their feet on the ground. Similarly, they also dislike being underground. Hunters and Urvenis are the people most feared by Lupa in general. However, they will sleep easily when surrounded by rhythmic sounds like at the beach, or in warm, sunny places.

As one might say that Vulcans are a race that conquers the mind, the Lupa are a race that conquer the body, and even the average Lupa has better mastery over the body than most Humans. This enables them to learn new physical activities or movements quickly, and someone with a high level of training may be able to mimic members of elite sports or types of movements, such as ballet or fighting styles just by watching for a relatively short amount of time.