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The type of Hunters described on this page are Hunters of the Lupa species specifically, although they sometimes to branch out to other "unnatural" or "threatening" creatures and beings. Hunters first appeared some years after the Lupa first appeared on Earth and have been around ever since. Hunters will raise any children to be Hunters, and usually don't team up with others very often.

The Origin of Hunters

Although the Lupa were first accepted by the people who allowed them to settle in their areas, in many places it did not last. There was widespread drought a few years after the move, which cased famine shortly after. In some places, this was taken as an omen against the Lupa, and in these places the people they lived beside began to turn against them. Some of them even went so far as to attempt total destruction of the Lupa, whom they had formerly welcomed. Since that time, there have been those who, for various reasons, believe the Lupa are bad and should die.

Lupa/Terran Interaction

Not all Terran humans who know about the Lupa are Hunters. There are some, like Eiry's friend, Tally, who keep company with Lupa and think nothing of it. However, most Lupa consider telling a Terran their secrets the same as betrayal. In this way, all Lupa are responsible for the safety of every other Lupa on Earth.

About Hunters

Psychology of a Hunter

Hunters are people (usually Human) who discover the Lupa fur form, either on purpose or by accident. Many Hunters were formerly friends with one, or knew one that they disliked. However, nearly all of them are stubborn people who believe in many manners of conspiracy theories, and find the different and unusual threatening.

Most Hunters believe the Lupa are monsters/demons, and/or are trying to take over the world. These are the type of people who refuse to see the truth in favor of their own view of things, no matter how obvious or how many times it’s put in front of them. Some of them don’t believe that the Lupa are really from another planet at all, and among Hunters there are all kinds of theories about the Lupa and their presence on Earth.

Hunters who have children always raise them as Hunters, training them up to become experts in fighting, tracking, and various methods of killing Lupa. They're usually taught to handle firearms at a very early age, and are routinely assigned younger Lupa to kill in the family's Hunting outings. Hunters usually see themselves as protecting their own species from this monstrous one, and in their efforts to keep other Humans blissfully unaware, as as secretive as the Lupa are about their existence and what they really do.

Being a Hunter

The goal of most Hunters is to kill as many Lupa as possible before they die. Some Hunters have a specific person they’re Hunting, and of course will get anyone else they can on the way. Most Hunters operate under the cover of darkness, especially since many of them have scars on the face and other visible areas of their bodies.

These are people who spend all their spare time training for combat and learning new weapons and ways to kill. Everything they do is geared toward this goal, and most have jobs only to fund their purchases and travel expenses. Most Hunters spend a lot of time searching out, tracking and learning about a particular person before planning out the kill. Those with homes are likely to have a secret weapons pile or bunker somewhere on their property. Many make black market transactions for illegal weapons and will spend large sums of money for top grade weapons and surveillance equipment.

In sum, if you're a Hunter, your whole life is Hunting. It's what you do and who you are.

The Hunted

Lupa with a personal Hunter are called Hunted. Hunted are usually someone who was the Hunter’s first target that didn't go according to plan, so a lot of them carry specific scars from this. A Hunted Lupa will usually seek training and practice fighting styles and techniques obsessively in hopes of facing their Hunter one day and being the one who’s still alive in the morning.


Fighting Hunters

Lupa living on Earth take more time in training their fighting skills than those in the Homeworld. They have a common pattern called the "Hunter Pattern" which all children are taught first, and if one ever fights a Hunter, one would mark them with this pattern. The pattern focuses primarily on the face, as one can't easily hide the marks under clothing. Any Lupa who sees a person marked with this pattern will immediately recognize them as a Hunter, and so the pattern serves as an unmistakable warning to others. Most Lupa who mark Hunters do so for this reason, as they generally don't live long into the fight. Most Hunters have a least a few scars from this pattern.

The other major way the Lupa fight Hunters is by staying in the group. Any stray or traveling Lupa is at risk because although one or two Lupa alone can't defeat a Hunter, and a few more than that have a decent chance; any larger group can easily dispatch with a few Hunters.

Killing Hunters

Any Lupa who can claim they've killed a Hunter is in a very limited set. Hunted Lupa may train long and hard to do it, and they are the ones who truly know what it takes. The fact that Zaira killed her Hunter while only 19 is even more unusual, and it's not something she brings up often. TheHunterKiller killed her first Hunters before becoming immortal, and was about the same age. Altairtax also kills Hunters on a regular basis. Altairtax, Jaxmin, and Miara have killed Hunters, as well.

The HunterKillers

The HunterKillers have special abilities outside of their normal astral and physical abilities. Other than being totally immortal, these abilities lie mostly in destruction and seeing prospective targets.

Destruction lies mainly in a fire ability, which TheHunterKiller and Zaira use differently. This stems from the fact that all organic life holds power, which they can release in a form of spontaneous combustion. TheHunterKiller defines a target area and releases the energy within that area, but cannot control the resulting fire. Zaira choses a specific thing, but can also control the fire. Further, she can use it when not a HunterKiller.

The other major ability of the HunterKillers is in astrally seeing and watching their targets. They usually first see a Hunter in a vision-like state in part of their astral, and then follow up by searching out and watching them. However, when Zaira was doing constant HunterKiller duty, this often forced her into a cycle of long periods of non-sleep interspersed with drug-induced total sleep.

While TheHunterKiller is permanently completely immortal, at the beginning of Zaira's tenure the ability was fixed to the suit, so that she is only truly immortal when she wears it.