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Welcome to the Lupa wiki. If you're new to the Lupa world, good places to start are the Lupa and Xcheamo pages. Please be aware that spoilers abound within, especially on character pages.

Much thanks to Dr. X and Ryan at Suburban Senshi who have helped me out with coding questions and created the character box I've modified for use here, and to all the other players there, who have helped me with world building over the years.

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The Lupa are a people tied closely to the astral world, and even the most average Lupa has some kind of basic spiritual awareness of their soul and how it connects to others that allows them to know where gates are and the basic instinctive callings (the change, going Home, any planet- or people-wide calling, the mate's soul/ability to bond). Those with astral ability in a specific area are Gifted, and those with general astral ability are Touched. However, the majority of Lupa...

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