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"Immortal" by Thomas Bergersen; "The Deathly Hollows" by Alexandre Desplat

Urvenis is one of the three original immortals, and eventually became one of the most important villains in Lupa history.

Character and Personality

A charismatic and capable man, Urvenis was a good Leader, able to inspire others. His gifts let him to great vision which he was able to follow up with great action. It was also important to him to be recognized for his great abilities, sacrifices, and Leadership.


Urvenis came to consciousness under a moonlit sky sometime after Mōn's awakening, and before Altairtax. Meeting the other two was a relief to find he wasn't alone, and he was happy being part of the three of them for quite a long time as they discovered what Xcheamo was like, how to survive, and then lead the mortal people that arose in the land.

He was in love with Mōn as well, and eventually became jealous of Altairtax, as well as the love the people held for the pair as Leaders. He withdrew and fell to the dark side, engaging in magic and witchcraft, which is illegal under Lupa law. He began recruiting people to work for him, and built a following.

When his plans became real and he captured Moon, the Lupa would not accept him or his leadership, and he was forced to withdraw. This event coincides with the time when the first Lupa packs came to live on Earth. However, he made a new plan that depended upon the memory of immortals becoming only myth and legend, and then made plans to take over leadership again. It's at this point that Altairtax and Zaira set out to rescue Mōn. At the end of a struggle, Altairtax killed Urvenis, and Moon was freed. This event and the resulting Gathering of all Lupa--native and Terran--is called Restoration.


A somewhat tall man, Urvenis usually had shoulder length or longer straight brown hair, and was often seen with a beard he was able to affect by extreme control over changing. His eyes were emerald green, quite sticking and clear. He was on the lean side, and often wore browns, greens, leather, and some kind of jewelry. Living underground, he almost never wore short pants, and tended to wear shoes and a robe or cloak of some sort, as well most of the year.


Urvenis had many projects and occupations to keep him busy over his long life. Alongside Mōn and Altairtax, he was a Leader of the people for his the majority of his life, both before and after he left the others. At first a teacher of survival and astral, he was eventually given the task of heading up the designing and building of the pack center that became known as the Place of the Touched. An accomplished mapmaker, he founded the first order of mapmakers on Xcheamo. He invented or discovered many things over his first few centuries.

After going into exile, he gained some followers and continued in Leadership, ultimately becoming the "ruler" of a large complex. He also became quite adept at Terran witch/warlock magic, as well as in science and chemistry in a way that Mōn and Altairtax never did. He did seek things that benefited the Lupa as a people, although most were behind the scenes without his name attached to them.


Moon and Trax

Considering the other two immortals to be his greatest companions and friends, Urvenis was very close to both Mōn and Altairtax, and thought that the three of them would always be together, standing the test of time as others came and went. He was most at home and comfortable with them, although he had many friends among the mortal people.

It wasn't until much later when Mōn and Altairtax began to fall in love that Urvenis realized how having an odd number of immortals could affect things. They would eventually have a closeness he could never share with them, and



Powers and Abilities


His power color was first emerald green, and then a sick, withered kind of green after his fall into darkness. Like all other immortals, Urvenis was capable of wielding a great amount power and also do a great number of things with it. During his long life, he often sought new ways to challenge himself in its' use. When he began to study magic, he also tried complimenting the two, but the only worked in certain cases. He discovered a way to gather and store astral power or energy physically as a power reserve.


Urvenis was particularly talented in the creation and production of handmade maps of all sorts, and founded a small craft group of mapmakers on Xcheamo before going into exile. He was also en excellent surveyor and was able to calculate scale. It was a passion he had throughout his life, and maps retrieved from his underground labyrinth after Restoration were some of the most splendid ever seen on Xcheamo.


With seemingly unlimited time and a quick, scholarly mind, Urvenis was able to learn many crafts, techniques, and skills over his long life, including interaction with and inspiration of others, manipulation when he felt it necessary, and such physical skills as maintaining a beard or other facial hair through use of the change, and the development of a fighting style that leaned heavily on his use of stored astral power.