Xcheamo is a small planet on the opposite edge of the Milky Way galaxy whose people call themselves¬†Lupa. There are some stars which are close enough to be seen during the day when it is not particularly sunny. As one would expect, the stars and constellations visible from Xcheamo are very different from those seen on Earth. It is primarily green and blue when seen from space, mostly still in its’ prime, wild state.

It is by nature a harsher planet than Earth, which the Lupa call Terra, consisting of extreme winters and summers, a slightly thicker atmosphere, and several large predator species capable of ripping a Human apart in seconds. Although Terrans could live on the planet provided they are very careful about going outside and scrupulous about poisons (about 25% of the plants and creatures on the Lupa homeworld are poisonous to Humans), what few Terrans who end up on xcheamo become Lupa. Compared to most planets, their population is quite small, and therefore sustainable.